Building trust, active listening and constructive feedback: 3 core tools in coaching

Trust, Feedback and Listening. Find out about the trust equation and how to build a trust relationship, how to listen actively and how to deliver an effective feedback! Understand for active listening how to grant attention, withhold your judgment, reflect with the person, dig the topic and at last share your ideas. Learn for feedback, how to observe facts, evaluate the effect on the person providing the feedback and suggest improvement.

Coach competencies and Coaching

What are the coach competencies and coaching? Find here the coaching competencies coming from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)! Set the frame (ethical guidelines and coaching agreement), Co-create the relationship (trust and intimacy, coach presence), Communicate effectively (active listening, powerful questions, direct communication), Facilitate learning and results (awareness, actions, goals, progress and accountability).

The Influence Model

Find out here how social influence is different from psychological manipulation! Dig out the influence model with its 5 dimensions: Purpose, Mastery, Autonomy, Social and Organizational Reinforcement. This influence model is inspired from Dan Pink’s motivation factors and the book the influencer from Joseph Grenny.

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