Scrum process with ceremonies, (daily meeting, sprint planning, demonstration and retrospective), with roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner), with artifacts (Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog).


In this category of posts, find out the principles of Agile, and Scrum and Kanban frameworks! Understand the ceremonies, roles and artifacts of these methods. Dig up Product Owner and Proxy-PO.


What is Agile?

Where does Agile come from? How the 4 Agile Values of the Manifesto address complexity and uncertainty? What are the Agile principles and the related value proposal?


What is Scrum ?

What are the 6 artifacts in Scrum? What are the 3 roles in this framework? What are the 5 ceremonies in this method?


What is Kanban and how it is different from Scrum?

How Kanban work in progress differs from Scrum? What are the 4 principles and the 6 practices in Kanban framework? What are the usual artifacts, ceremonies and roles implemented in Kanban? When to use Kanban method and when to use Scrum?


What is a Product Owner? And what is a Proxy-PO?

What are the Product Owner anti-patterns? When to have a Proxy Product Owner? What a Product Owner can and cannot delegate to a Proxy-PO? Who can be Proxy-PO?

Jira Project from Atlassian software for Agile, Scrum and Kanban in a nutshell

Jira is a software from Atlassian. Jira was originally a ticketing system for bug and request management that evolved to cover agile project management either Scrum or Kanban. In this post, we will introduce Jira software with its model, its navigation and its core functionalities. Surely, Jira is well documented but the materials are quite rich and the tool does have a logic of its own.

Jira Project from Atlassian software for Agile, Scrum and Kanban in a nutshell Read More »

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