Agile at Scale Project Management

Agile at Scale Release Management: a group of features and related user stories are collected as the scope of the release. In parallel of the sprint, aka the agile iteration, the release management happens. The capacity of the sprints that are in parallel of the release have a reduced capacity for the release preparation.


In this category of posts, discover the project management, release and project portfolio in Agile at Scale described in this blog as a combination of Spotify and SAFe, sometimes called Spotisafe. Those principles cover League, Agile Squad Design, Horizontal Management and the change in roles and responsibilities.


How do Agile and Agile at Scale change Project Management?


Find out the change of paradigm on scope, budget, planning coming with Agile. Then, investigate the Agile at Scale impacts when aligning Agile Squads on Value Chains. At last, review the proper set up for Project Management based on the level of dependencies between the Agile Squads.


What is Agile at Scale Project Portfolio Management?


Discover how Agile at Scale changes Project Portfolio Management. Check the benefits and limits in Agile at Scale when aligning Tribes to the related business. Then, review how to mitigate these limits.


Cost of Delay Divided by Duration (CD3) aka Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)


The definition of cost of delay is the quantity of benefits you lose or gain if your product is late or early to enter the market. Furthermore, Don Reinertsen elaborated on this concept introducing the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) that is calculated by dividing the Cost of Delay by the duration to build and deliver the product to the market.


How does Beyond Budgeting support Agile at Scale?


Review the 12 principles of Beyond Budgeting and the commonalities with Agile at Scale. Understand how and why it reconsiders traditional budgeting.


Can an Agile project be fixed price?


How to deliver Agile development in a fixed price contract? And, how to mix Agile, Scrum and the Waterfall method in an Agile fixed price project?


How to deal with Release Management in Agile with Sprints?


Firstly, how to articulate Sprint and Release Management? Secondly, how to book capacity for Release Management when the contributors are working in the Sprints? At last, how to make sure Release Management tasks are properly delivered?

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