Chapter and Guild in Spotify Model

What are the definition and the characteristics of a Chapter and a Guild inspired by the Spotify Model in Agile at Scale? Furthermore, what are the roles of Chapter Manager and Guild Leader in Chapter and a Guild from the Spotify Model ?

What is a chapter from the Spotify Model?

A Chapter is a group of members of a Tribe having the same skills either functional of technical. As a matter of fact, the purpose of a Chapter is to develop skills of its members and to support sharing and consistency. To illustrate, Henrik Kniberg defines the Chapter as the glue between the Squads.

Furthermore, what are the characteristics of a Chapter ?

A Chapter is a group of people having the same skills within a Tribe.
  • Global like the Tribe. This is a specification of this Return of Experience due to the size and the global configuration of the organization. But, it is not specified in the Spotify Model.
  • All Tribe Members belong to a single Chapter and all the skills are covered either functional or technical
  • There is a capacity, usually 10% of the Chapter Members time, that is secured for the contribution to the Chapter
  • Ceremonies and Artifacts are the same like a Squad

What is the role of the Chapter Manager ?

  • Facilitates the Chapter
  • Is the Manager of the Chapter Members:
    • Is their people developer
    • Supports their career progress
    • Takes care of administrative aspects
  • Does not involve in delivery as a target
  • In this sharing contrary to the Spotify Model, the Chapter Manager is a full time role as soon as there are more than 12 Chapter Members.

At last, what is a Guild from the Spotify Model?

A group of members across Tribes willing to share knowledge and good practices either functional or technical. In other words, it is a community of interest. So, it is complementary to Chapters to boost sharing.

A Guild looks like a Chapter with the following differences:

  • It is based on free will to participate. Anybody can join or leave whenever.
  • It is across Tribes
  • It may be temporary depending on the needs for sharing

A Tribe Member plays the role of Guild Leader and facilitates the Guild in addition to his/her delivery role.

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